About Mid-Ohio Material Handling in Medina County, OH

When it comes to safely handling and moving materials, you shouldn’t trust just any piece of equipment or machinery. If you choose unreliable products, the benefits of potentially paying less won’t outweigh your exposure to extensive risk.

Located in Brunswick, Ohio, Mid-Ohio Material Handling is dedicated to providing clients throughout Medina County and the surrounding areas with top-of-the-line material handling equipment and premium services. Learn more about the history of our company, as well as the services and products we offer our clients.

Outside view of Mid-Ohio Material Handling

Our History

Mid-Ohio Material Handling was founded by Ed McVeigh in 1957, a pioneer in the material handling industry.  Ed dedicated his life to building a reputable organization and ran it until 1986. At this time, Ed sold the business to Roger Crowder who made his own name in the material handling industry. Roger’s background included starting with the Moto Truc, Baker, and the Allis Chalmer lines. Through his management and drive, he built a leader in the market.

In 1997, Mid-Ohio Material Handling took a giant leap forward, building a brand new facility in Brunswick Industrial Park. This location was picked with customer service in mind as it allows access to all major highways. Since then, it has become a gateway to many growing areas. Furthermore, this location ensures fast, timely service to customers in various locations.

Mid-Ohio Material Handling is proud to have been the OEM dealer for many manufacturers, as well as various related material handling products, over the years. This has allowed us to develop an understanding of all makes and models of equipment and many types of related material-handling equipment.

Our Selection of Material Handling Products

To better serve our clients and accommodate their various needs, we offer a wide range of material handling products. Our selection of top-quality products features an assortment of types, styles, and sizes. Our inventory also features both new and pre-owned products, all of which have been thoroughly inspected to ensure they can perform their duties safely and efficiently. Products clients can find in our inventory include:

Clients unsure about which products would best serve them can consult our knowledgeable team members. We are happy to recommend products at different price points to help you select one ideal for your needs.

The Services We Offer

In addition to premium products, Mid-Ohio Material Handling is also pleased to offer clients an array of advanced services to help them get the most out of their equipment or machinery. Whether it’s an unexpected malfunction or a planned inspection, our team of service pros is here to assist you. We utilize our extensive knowledge to identify the root of the issue and perform the most effective solution.

To serve clients who either need additional pieces of equipment to complete a job or just one piece of equipment for a few days, Mid-Ohio Material Handling is happy to offer excellent rental services. Our large fleet of rental equipment consists of electric, gas, and LP forklifts in all capacities. We also have personnel carriers, scissors lifts, man lifts, and similar machinery readily available. Additionally, we offer clients a wide variety of spare certified parts for issues that require a quicker fix and not an entire replacement of equipment. 

Trust a Material Handling Equipment Supplier in Medina County, OH

At Mid-Ohio Material Handling, we are proud of our long-standing history. The name we have built for ourselves over the years has become synonymous with excellent customer service and reliable products. We’ve served clients throughout Medina County, OH, for over 65 years, giving us ample experience with material handling.

Beyond meeting the needs of customers with various requirements, we also deliver the highest quality products at the most competitive pricing in the market and offer extensive personal services. For more information about our material handling company and the benefits of our services, contact us today at Mid-Ohio Material Handling.