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Comparing Advance Ride-on Industrial floor scrubbers

Advance Ride-on Industrial floor scrubbers: Advenger Vs. Adgressor

Floor cleaning isn’t just for looks, keeping the floors clean will help employees and customers safe from slipping on dirt, debris and spills. Maintaining the cleanliness of your facility requires versatile machines capable of cleaning high-traffic areas and multiple surfaces. Choosing Advance industrial scrubbers and sweepers they create a greater flexibility and efficiency when tackling your daily floor cleaning challenges. Advance scrubbers and sweepers, have been helping facility managers improve floor-cleaning applications for over 100 years. They have a full line of low-cost walk-behind or ride-on scrubbers and sweepers. The Advance ride-on industrial floor scrubbers include the Advenger and Adgressor lines.

Advenger Ride-On Floor Scrubbers

Advenger floor scrubbers combine versatility and productivity in one efficient platform with green cleaning capabilities. This line offers three models to fit a variety of daily floor scrubbing challenges. All Advenger models are designed for maximum efficiency with on-board detergent-dispensing systems that allow users to match scrubbing performance with floor soil content. With the Advenger you can effortlessly switch between water-only cleaning and three levels of detergent-fueled cleaning based on your floor scrubbing needs. For ultra-deep scrubbing, the Advenger REV model can remove floor finish in a single pass. You’ll also enjoy safe, effortless operation with easily maneuverable steering for scrubbing in hard-to-reach spaces. The Advenger can significantly cut down on the time and labor involved in keeping all your floors spotless.

Adgressor Ride-On Floor Scrubbers

The Adgressor floor scrubber is a reliable, productive option that’s easy to use and maintain. You’ll enjoy high productivity with large scrub decks, maneuverability and speed. These heavy-duty machines stand up to tough operating environments. Add the optional EcoFlex System for even greater flexibility in your floor cleaning program. The add-on further reduces costs and increases sustainability. Choose from multiple water, detergent and pad pressure settings to select the perfect blend of cleaning power to tackle a variety of floor soil scenarios. You’ll get more out of your budget and clean with less environmental impact while maintaining dirt-free floors.

​You can find some of our Advance Scrubbers and Sweepers on our website. If you want to learn more  contact us or call us at 800-638-1230 for more information on how a sweeper or scrubber can reduce your floor cleaning costs. Stay tuned for our next article next month. Do you have a topic for an article? Comment down below.

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