​We are a full service dock equipment company. Our trained technicians offer proper service, timely response, reasonable pricing, proper control, and quality work.

Dock Analysis

This analysis is done at your site and includes:

  • Written report on dock condition
  • Inspection of your dock levelers, checks on proper operations of leveler
  • Complete visual inspection of your dock seals & shelters for torn, cracked, crushed or broken components
  • Review of your dock safety equipment, to include dock restraints, bumpers, lighting, wheel chocks, controls and condition
Mid-Ohio Material Handling


Mid-Ohio Material Handling

Our Planned Maintenance (PM) program is the key to a long, productive life for your dock. Our programs are tailored to you and designed to be complete. Our dock PM program consists of 35 items covering all areas of the unit for a total system check including but not limited to:

  • Batteries and cables
  • Lubrication
  • Rollers
  • Front and rear hinges
  • Pit clean out
  • Electric system
  • Pumps and motors
  • Platform
  • Hydraulics
  • Cylinders
  • Switches
  • Hydraulic system


Loading Dock Levers

We can provide mechanical and hydraulic levelers for all applications. 

Seals & Shelters

We offer a complete line of dock seals and shelters to meet your application’s needs and budgets.

Dock Safety Equipment

We offer both mechanical and electrical truck restraint systems to secure the truck trailer to the loading dock to prevent injury during loading and unloading. 

Various Dock Accessories

We offer a complete line of dock accessories from lights, curtains, air doors, wheel chocks to trailer stands and much more.

Mid-Ohio Material Handling
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