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Pro Tips to Proper Floor Care in Your Warehouse

Pro tips to proper floor care

Now that you know why floor cleaning is important, how do you get to proper floor care? Having clean floors is essential for productivity and safety within your warehouse. It will take time to get there, but we have some pro tips to proper floor care that will help you get to your desired functioning warehouse and building.

Don’t just be reactive be proactive with proper floor care

Being reactive to spills and messes are a must. Having the mess just sit there is a hazard and will become an even bigger issue to clean later on. We recommend to spot clean when a mess occurs. But being proactive will make cleaning your warehouse less of a hassle. Sweeping and mopping regularly will help reduce the debris build up on the floors making the task more manageable. Add additional trash cans and recycle bins in your warehouse to make it easier to dispose of unwanted material and debris that’s taking up space or in the way. Nilfisk has a few more tips on floor protection to preserve your floors from any unnecessary damage this winter season.

Scheduling floor cleaning

Routine cleaning will cut down on the amount of time that’s needed to clean, since it’s more like tiding up the warehouse. Find a routine and stick to it, get in the habit of cleaning. Make sure the routine is realistic and will work with your building needs. Daily, weekly, and monthly routines are all based on traffic, and the frequency of dirt and debris build up. The intensity of cleaning will also be a factor, do you want to do a deep cleaning a few days out of the month or do you want to take a few hours out of each week to clean? Determining a routine will help make cleaning more palatable, and will help reduce logistical issues within the building.

Floor Cleaning equipment

A traditional mop or broom probably isn’t the best tool to clean a warehouse. Properly cleaning a warehouse, the traditional way with a broom or mop takes a lot of time and manpower. So, you either pay for more people to clean or risk logistical problems due to down time. However, there is another solution, floor cleaning machines like scrubbers or sweepers, they take significantly less time to clean, increasing productivity and minimizing the number of workers needing to clean. Use scrubbers for mopping and sweepers for sweeping, they clean the floor efficiently making the aisles spill and debris free. Having a scrubber or sweeper will give you durability and flexibility your facility needs, resulting in an increase in productivity. The upfront costs of owning a mop and broom is cheaper than the cleaning machine. However, the machine will pay for itself in the long run especially since the scrubbers and sweepers work much better, faster, and won’t disrupt the normal operations as much, like the traditional cleaning would do.

Knowing these tips can help improve your warehouse cleaning experience, and get you on the right track to a safer and more efficient warehouse. Remember that these changes take time to implement and you won’t get a spotless warehouse overnight. By using these tips you’ll preserve your floors from any unnecessary damage, increase safety, and increase productivity in the warehouse. You can find more information on ride-on scrubbers here. Keep in mind there are different options for scrubbers and sweepers that make each type unique. Wanting to look into floor cleaning products? click here. If you are interested in renting, leasing or purchasing any material handling equipment we offer contact us.

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