Scrubber & Sweeper Rentals in Akron, OH

Maintaining the cleanliness of your facility begins from the ground up, because a clean floor is a sign of professionalism and success. When you want to get rid of the grime and leave an impeccable shine, call the industrial equipment experts at Mid-Ohio Material Handling in Akron, Ohio. We carry a full line of competitively priced walk behind scrubbers and sweepers and ultra-convenient ride on scrubbers that let you get the job done in less time. Our knowledgeable sales staff help you find the floor care equipment your facility needs to keep clean.​

Sweeper vs Scrubber

When your facility needs an industrial floor cleaning machine, decide whether you need a sweeper or scrubber. Floor sweepers are often used in outdoor environments but can also be used indoors. Popular for parking lots, lumber yards and foundries, sweepers are ideal for spaces full of light, bulky debris or heavy, wet debris. Floor scrubbers are designed to scrub hard surfaces, including concrete floors in warehouses and industrial spaces. Scrubbers use a rotating head to remove deep dirt and are ideal for buildings with high-traffic areas or spaces that are prone to oil, grease or floor marks.
Mid-Ohio Material Handling
Mid-Ohio Material Handling

Walk Behind vs Ride On

Walk behind scrubbers/sweepers assist the operator with forward motion, which reduces worker fatigue. This allows more ground coverage in less time than manual floor cleaning machines, which saves on labor costs. Ride on scrubbers and sweepers offer even greater flexibility and efficiency, but they aren’t right for every business. Choose walk behind flooring solutions for maintaining smaller areas that include narrow doorways and hallways or numerous obstacles. Businesses with expansive floors, such as warehouses, large retail spaces and manufacturing plants benefit from ride on scrubbers/sweepers to cover more floor quickly and with minimal effort.

floor cleaning equipment experts in Akron, OH

When you only need floor cleaning machinery for a limited time or use it infrequently, scrubber/sweeper rentals are ideal for short-term needs. Renting doesn’t require a large upfront investment and you don’t have to worry about unexpected maintenance costs. We rent walk behind sweepers and scrubbers in 26-inch and 28-inch cleaning path widths. We also have a limited selection of smaller ride on units available. If you’re not sure which equipment is right for you, tell us your job requirements and we’ll match you with the perfect floor cleaning machine. Contact us for more information about the specific scrubbers/sweepers we currently have for rent today.