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Companies use forklifts in warehouses, factories and shipping operations. These amazing machines do the work of 20 men. Although the first forklifts were invented in the 1930s, modern machines have their roots in the 1960s, when major innovations were introduced. At Mid-Ohio Material Handling (MMH), we know this from firsthand experience, because we opened our doors in 1966. When it comes to a forklift dealership company in Brunswick, Ohio, you want a company that understands every nut and bolt of the machines it sells. That’s why our customers trust our experience when they want to purchase, maintain or repair forklifts for their companies.

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Why Choose Mid-ohio Forklifts?

You want a forklift dealership with plenty of experience to back up its recommendations. Mid-Ohio Material Handling (MMH) is a full-service company with the following services:

  • Sales
  • Parts
  • Rentals
  • Service

Over the decades, we’ve learned what’s important to our customers, and we stock essential parts for replacement and repairs. This is just part of our commitment to putting you first.

Guaranteed Fast Response Time

If you have an urgent need to get your equipment up and running, ask us about our guaranteed quick response time. We know that time is money and want to get you back to business as usual fast.

Meet The MMH Team

When you come to Mid-Ohio Material Handling (MMH), you meet a friendly, knowledgeable team of experts. Our sales staff and technicians are trained to analyze your needs and suggest the best fit for your business. For instance, if your productivity is lagging, you could be using the wrong equipment to keep inventory flowing.

Let us come to you and complete an application survey of your needs and budget. We’ll tell you which equipment can help you the most without breaking the bank.

Forklifts and Warehouse Equipment from Various Manufacturers
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What Sets Our Forklift Dealership Company Apart?

There are many reasons our satisfied customers refer associates to us. Besides reliable products and service, we offer service agreements that cover the life of the loan on any equipment you buy here. We also take trade-ins, so you can turn outdated equipment into cash.

Many of our manufacturers offer the best warranties in the industry. If something goes wrong, it doesn’t cost you a ton of money to get your forklift repaired. For example, Hyundai’s equipment warranty covers three years and 4,000 hours on the full machine.

The manufacturers we represent build quality equipment they stand behind. That’s why we’re proud to represent them.

Our Services

Ask our helpful sales team about our 24-hour Rapid Response Service that saves you time and money in an emergency. We can track and log the maintenance of each forklift in your fleet and offer available online tracking for your convenience.

Plus, we schedule routine maintenance service work automatically to keep your equipment in top shape.

After-purchase Agreement

Our equipment comes with an after-purchase agreement so you won’t be left hanging once you part with your cash. If you have a problem with your forklift, give us a call and we’ll schedule a maintenance check to get you up and running fast — we understand that downtime causes delays that can threaten your business.

Not Just Forklifts

Mid-Ohio Material Handling (MMH) sells, services and rents new and used forklifts of all makes and models. However, we offer many other products and accessories to handle all of your material handling needs.

We provide attachments, parts and service to support your operations, including:

  • Demos
  • Sweepers and scrubbers
  • Scissor lifts and booms
  • Burden and personnel carriers
  • Dock equipment
  • Batteries and chargers

Contact Us

Call us today at (330) 633-1230 to find the right solution for your warehouse, shipping and packaging operations.
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